Tuesday, September 20, 2005

'Wear Helmet' Campaign

Karachi Traffic Police is out on hunt for motorcyclists without safely helmets. It is a common sight to see the traffic police officer (most of the time with his mouth literally drooling with water) at the signals where he nabs a motorcyclist who must stop due to the red signal. (Most of the time, as the tradition goes in Karachi, if you are driving a bike at a good speed of anything above 40 kmph, stopping on the orders of a road side traffic police officer is a worthless exercise!).

In order to avoid the reported harassment of the motorcyclists, the poor citizens who must face the scorching heat of Karachi while they drive their bikes have started keeping their helmets on top of the fuel tank of their bikes as if they are yelling 'I have the helmet you bribe-hunting tullas - now leave me alone'.

The campaign has (allegedly) more to do with profit making than the safety of the motorcyclists.


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