Saturday, October 29, 2005

Highway to Boat Basin!

However useful or useless the Clifton Under Pass may be, one good thing that has happened as a by-product is the construction of a dual way road between Schon Circle and Boat Basin. Yes, some cuts that used to be there on that road are no more there but the flow has certainly got better.

Not to mention, both Clifton Pizza Hut and Clifton KFC - the sweet-spot for the up-scale population have been hit badly by the new construction. The over-flowing gutters and broken foot-paths mar their enterances.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Rumor Quakes

Last night's tremors were relatively small but they sent big rumor waves around the city. The telephone network (I happen to work for a telco company) peaked their capacities in the night from 12:30 AM and onwards.

I didn't let Hasan go to his school without having a logical reason for this unschedule off day. May be somewhere back in my mind I was thinking of all the trajedy that took place in the Northen areas in these deadly quakes.

An online wiki was set up today intended to be used as database of volunteers that can adopt a child rendered orphon during the recent quakes.

NLC Free Transportation Facility (highly needed!)

NLC is offering free transportation of stuff: Phones: Brig Perzada (Karachi) 0333 2116191, 021 9205462, Col Kirmani (Karachi) 0333 211 6191, 021 920 5462, 584 6344. Punjab: Col. Ashiq (Gujranwala) 0300 864 6145 0431 386 1054, Maj Atif (Lahore) 0300 840 9644, 042 751 2312