Saturday, November 19, 2005

Ban on Marriage Dinners!

Last night I attended a marriage ceremony - which is what everyone is doing since Eid (4th Nov 2005) because it is considered the best time to get married in contemporary culture. Ever since the Higher Courts of Pakistan woke up from their respective sleeps and re-enforced the ban on lavish marriage dinners, the administration has been pretty strict in getting the orders implemented. The bride family of a typical middle class will secretly thanks the situation where they can gracefully avoid the expense of marriage dinners.

However, what just dawned on my last night was the fact that despite the fact that dinner was not served, the reception family included five to six non dinner items (and of course not to mention the paans) in the refreshments. The family could bearly afford the cost of the event and even though they were offered this chance of saving something on this excessive expenditure, they didn't opt for it and made sure they include all possible dishes (call them items!) that they could afford.

And all this made me think if the intent of the ban was really met or not.

How about real casual marriage ceremonies where we actually sip some good hot tea and chew a few dry-friuts and can be true to our concious that we attended a simple marriage ceremony?


Blogger Hussain said...

Assalaamuaalekum TM,

Good post. Please correct the date for eid. I think it was on 4th or 5th of November and not Oct. :-).

I think the pressure on families is immense when it come to serving the guests. especially when the guests are from the opposite sides. Unless we start with ourselves, we cannot get the menace out of our culture and society.

I pray to Allah (SWT) to guide us to the right path. I hope when I go to the next wedding reception, I simply ignore the food.

Any comments?

6:45 AM  

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