Monday, November 14, 2005

Unsafe Roads - When will this change?

A sad news item from today's Dawn:
KARACHI: 4 friends killed as dumper hits car -DAWN - Local; November 14, 2005: "KARACHI, Nov 13: Four friends died when a speeding dumper hit a car carrying six persons on M. T. Khan Road Sunday night. The two other occupants of the car were injured.

Police said that all the victims were youngsters."
We discussed this at Karachi Metblog a few days ago as well. My comments to the question 'When will this (situation) change were:
Tragic. Very tragic.

Our roads wont be safe, until:

1. Government, High Court and other flag-carrying vehicles come down from the 1st slot on the list of traffic light breakers.

2. Our so-called up-scale population stops taking pride and stops extracting fun by violating the traffic lights in their shining new cars. In certain cases, its is mind-boggling to know that the violater is a just-back-from-the-US-of-A sort of creature.

3. We get rid of the transport mafia (of which the illiterate drivers are only a small part) that necessitate irresponsible driving of heavy vehicles with the death-mongering 'token systems'.

Till then, the merciless cobras that our roads are would have plenty of death-inflicting appitite.

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