Monday, January 16, 2006

Dead Whale @ Hawksbay

Karachi gets its second dead-whale-washed-ashore in recent years. The 36 footer must be sight to go for (despite the reported stinking as the creature was dead many days ago as per the WWF experts). Earlier, a similar dead whale was washed ashore near Sea View (Clifton). I remember the local minibuses altered their conventional stops and the conductor of the bus used to shout 'Machlee, Machlee' to get a few extra passengers who'd want to see the dead giant and the buswalas could make a few more rupees!

KARACHI, Jan 16: Body of a whale which had died many days back washed ashore on the Hawkesbay beach early on Sunday morning. Responding to the Dawn queries, the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) conservation officer Babar Hussain said that approximately 36-foot-long whale had died of natural cause about 10 to 15 days back.

The body is stinking.

He said that pieces of tail and dorsal fin of the dead whale had been eaten by the marine creatures. The skeleton of the whale would be shifted to Karachi University, he added.

He said that the WWF along with Karachi University and Millport University (UK) was carrying out a three-year Cetacean Conservation Project under which whales, dolphins and other marine creatures were being studied.

He said that earlier body of a sperm whale that had washed ashore near the Mubarrak Village near Hawkesbay was recovered and shifted to the Karachi University for its educational use.

Sindh Wildlife Conservator Ghulam Rasool Channa said he had deputed an official, Dr Fahmida Firdous, to check the marine creature that had washed ashore and she, most probably, would submit a report after which anything could be said on the issue.

It may be recalled that sometime back, body of another whale had washed ashore between the DHA and Korangi coast.

The skeleton was recovered and is being kept at the wildlife museum.

Monday, January 02, 2006

Karachi to have its first Tier 4 Data Center

For the interest of the local IT community, here is some good news to share: Karachi to have its first Tier 4 Data Center.

Public Data Centers (as opposed to 'Private Data Centers' built and operated by private enterprises) are rated according to their infrastructure facilities and allowable downtimes per year. They can range from Tier 1 to Tier 4 with Tier 1 being the most simple and inexpensive and Tier 4 beig the most complex to maintain and most expensive to build.

Such a resilent facility should have no shortage of potential customers specially when decent network connections to the outside world are available to the data center. I wish the US based group that is financing the venture and its Pakistani owners all the success as this could be the start point of the much awaited local hosting facilities.